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Project Example

Innovation Management

Project Overview R&D Controlling

Development of a new global set of Controlling instruments for development projects

Division of a building technology corporation

Initial Situation

  • Development activities internationally not coordinated, no central responsibility, new global R&D Head installed shortly before the project
  • A large number of development activities, handled in different IT systems in different degrees of implementation, low transparency
  • No central Controlling system for R&D sctivities available

Project Goals

  • Development of a target setting, planning and steering instrument for all product development projects in all international locations
  • Implementation of this instrument as a restructuring of the existing processes including continuous reporting to the R&D head.
  • Restructuring of the existing product portfolio

Projekt Content / Project Activities
Key aspects of the project:

  • Collection of all projects globally and structuring of the products in product families and product groups
  • Identification of working packages for a better project content control. Implementation of the Earned Value Method to follow the projects
  • Creation of a planning and budgeting system as well as a differentiated R&D Reporting with a monthly controlling process
  • Operational management with the new system over several months together with the local Controllers in the different locations

Result / Advantages

  • Reduction of the project portfolio by approx. 30% and in parallel sharpening of the project targets
  • Strict adjustment of all development activities to the agreed targets

Project Duration
8 months (thereof 4 months interim management as R&D Controller)