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Project Example

Process Management and Process Controlling

Project Profile Business Process Management Implementation

Define business processes and implement in daily operations

International machine building company with approx. 1 billion € turnover and 5.500 employees in 12 international locations

Initial Situation

  • New headquarters organization struction but without defining the respective business processes
  • Employees drifting in daily business
  • Poor collaboration with international locations

Project Target

  • Definition of a process model and detailed definition of company's all main processes
  • Implementation of all core processes
  • Concept and implementation of a process steering and management system

Project Content

  • Inventory of current activities in different functions ("walk through")
  • Definition of a process model / process landscape
  • Documentation of core processes incl. relevant documents, IT-Systems, Roles, …
  • Active training of the core processes
  • Roll-out of the core processes to the international locations
  • Set up of a regular process measurement and process controlling system
  • Planning and budgeting on a process level (capacities, process indicators, costs)

Results / Benefits

Significant increase of market orientation, better measurabiliy of process performance, reduction of quality costs and overall process costs
--> profit increase of more than 2 million €

Project Duration
12 months